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We create great food products with no preservatives or chemical additives. We use fresh ingredients and make sure the products are delivered in a neat way to your place.

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Here we share recipes, tips and tricks in the kitchen, and information on baking and cooking tools and equipment. We also write reviews on restaurants, cafes, and food products. Read our articles on food related to your health to improve your life better.

memilih panci yang tepat
Bagaimana Memilih Panci Yang Tepat Dan Sehat Untuk Keluarga?
Bagaimana Memilih Panci Yang Tepat Dan Sehat Untuk Keluarga? Untuk ibu-ibu yang suka memasak, tentunya mau memberikan yang terbaik untuk
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Kale Shake
Mengapa Potassium Penting Untuk Tubuh?
Mengapa Potassium Penting Untuk Tubuh?   Tubuh Kita Membutuhkan Potassium. Potassium adalah salah satu mineral terpenting dalam tubuh yang membantu
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lose weight
Hormon Pengganggu Dalam Penurunan Berat Badan
Hormon Yang Mengganggu Dalam Penurunan Berat Badan Kalian yang sudah diet mati-matian, olahraga mati-matian, tapi berat badan tidak kunjung bergerak
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Our Product Selection

We started with Nougat as our first product, and each category has its own unique products. Like our nougat, we make the best fruit cake in town. Try our best selling items: Dark Chocolate Nougat and Pineapple Cake.


Our Nougat Selection comes in many different flavors. All is made with less sugar and gluten free. Some flavors are with almond, peanuts, and macadamia. Choose your favorite ones here!


Our Cookies Selection has less sugar and less flour. We use many healthy ingredients in the cookies. You can even find gluten free cookies in our selection. Grab yours here!

Energy Bar

Our Energy Bar has no gluten and no soy. Some even has no sugar. One bar can satisfy your afternoon craving. Eat and be healthy! Save some in your drawer!

Fruit Cake

Our Fruit Cake has a special filling with no sugar inside. We use only ripe fruit to make the filling and with no additional ingredients inside. The cake has a flavor of old Gouda Cheese. So, for cheese lovers, this is a must-try!


Your Own French Press Coffee

Invite your friends and impress them by making French Press Coffee like a professional barista.

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Make your own salad dressing using these simple ingredients. Toss in your favorite vegetables and have yourself a plate of wonderful salad.

Pumpkin Creamy Soup

Make your own pumpkin creamy soup at home. Get all the vitamins inside.

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