Coffee Spread

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Wonderful Latte taste on your toast! A must have for Coffee lovers!

Terbuat dari biji kopi pilihan, butter, sugar and milk. Halus dan lembut.

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1 jar of 200 grams

Ingredients: Butter, Reduced Sugar, Pure Arabian Coffee, Milk, Egg white.

Coffee Spread is a unique jam to accompany your breakfast. It’s like having Latte on your toast. Ready to be spread on toasts, cookies, cakes, etc.

Be sure to use a clean utensil to spoon out the Spread from the bottle when using. After using, close the lid and tighten it. Put in the refrigerator for freshness, up to 6 months if kept in the freezer.

Selai kopi untuk dioles di atas roti, cookies, ataupun kue. Terbuat dari bahan-bahan premium, seperti butter dan susu dari New Zealand, gula yang pas, dan biji kopi pilihan.

Cocok untuk dijadikan oleh-oleh dari Jakarta ataupun untuk hadiah.

Netto weight: 200 gram

Bahan: Milk, Reduced sugar, Butter, Coffee,  Water

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Weight 450 g


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